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Our team

Our collective consists of four people. Wagner Rengifo, Peruvian, healer; Raquel Freire, Chilean, anthropologist; Valeria Ayala chilean social scientist and Daniel Varas, Chilean, psychologist. Our group is interested in the process of healing, that traditional Amazonian medicine provides. 

It is for this reason that in March 2013, the idea to build the center of Ojo de Luna was born, with the objective of generating a space of development of self-knowledge and healing based on the ancient knowledge of this traditional medicine. A place that allows for concentration and facilities the process through the conditions offered (extension and isolation of urban contexts) and through direct contact with untainted nature. 

Here we aim to generate knowledge and research about the same work we develop with natural medicine, by building a sanctuary of nature, caring for and respecting the endemic flora, and promoting the cultivation of medicinal vegetative species and food, from an organic and environmentally friendly point of view. 

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