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Daniel Varas

Daniel Varas is a psychologist trained at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and was involved in a research team investigating the neurophysiology of emotions. Also studied five semesters of a career in medicine at Universidad del Desarrollo.

He also holds a diploma in “Positive Psychology”, in the Chilean Institute of Positive Psychology, led by psychologist Claudio Ibañez. This branch of psychology collects the discoveries of the last 20 years of research in psychology, and works with the human aspects left out of traditional psychology that relates not only to overcome the mental and physical problems, but to learn from the experience and develop the bright side of humans, recognizing and regulating emotional states, as well as mental discourses or explanatory styles; improving well-being and quality of life. This strengthens fundamental functioning states of the body related to health, improving the welfare and quality of life. He designs and implements workshops that promote wellness, emotional balance and mindfulness.  

He is a practitioner of yoga, zen meditation, ayurveda massage, and Kung Fu Wing Tsun style . He is interested in traveling and discovering different cultures, their traditions, and ceremonies. In 2013, this curiosity led him to the central Peruvian Amazons, accompanied by his friend and mentor, Wagner Rengifo, to create Ojo de Luna center to apprehend  the infinite path of the hidden science of nature to complement his knowledge.

He has also been an online columnist of psychology and welfare articles in the “” campaign, aimed at women of all ages, as well as the “DEJALO.ORG” campaign aimed at people who have addiction problems with tobacco.  

       Currently he attends at his private office located in Santiago de Chile, where he combines psychology and Amazonian plant medicine, with the aim of harmonizing mind, body, heart and spirit.

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