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Our team

Wagner Rengifo

Native healer from Santa Rosa de Masisea located in the central jungle of Peru, who directs and spiritually protects the center Ojo de Luna. He has studied spirituality and medicinal jungle plants for 16 years, when he went to the native Ashaninga community of Alto Pifuayal, where he lived and learned about the native medicine for 5 years. When he was 23 years old, he returned to his community (Santa Rosa de Maisea), where he continued to study with his mentor, Pablo Ihuma, who also pertained to the Ashaninga tribe. Afterwards, he worked in a Medicinal Center (Mayantuyaku) in the county of Honoria. In the last 7 years, he has worked and studied in the Huishtin Sanctuary, a Concentration and Healing Center lead by his uncle, healer Enrique Paredes Meléndez. 
He began his independent work in the beginning of 2013 with the creation of Ojo de Luna, where today he continues to study and use native Amazonian medicine. He resides at the center with his family; his wife Raquel Freire and his children, Max, Liliana and Miguel. 

During the process of learning and training in this infinite path, Wagner has more than 20 years of study. 

Ojo de Luna’s team includes professionals such as Daniel Varas, psychologist, and Raquel Freire, anthropologist and musician, who leads trans disciplinary investigation, intended to draw ties between the understanding of traditional wisdom of Amazonian medicine and spirituality, and the various disciplines of science and humanities.  

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