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Collaborate with us!

- Promoter: You can opt for a 10-day diet, if you build a group that invests $ 10,000 Peruvian soles (PEN) in our center. If the investment is greater, the days of diet that you can opt for in the center will also increase.

- Donor: If you want to support our center, help reforest and take care of our beloved jungle or the maintenance of our infrastructure. You can donate through Paypal or to the following bank accounts:


Cuenta corriente del banco Itaú número:0211842766

nombre: María Raquel Freire Sánchez.

RUT: 15.695.291-5



Cuenta de ahorro banco BCP
N°: 48034678806059
N° de cta. interbancaria: 00248013467880605924

nombre: Maria Raquel Freire Sanchez
C.E. (carnet de extranjería): 001216904

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