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Ayahuasca ceremonies

       Ayahuasca is a concoction, made from a jungle vine and Chacruna bush leaves. 

    It is a cleansing medicine of vision, love, forgiveness, connection, used for thousands of years by the peoples who have inhabited the area of the Amazon, and is part of an ancient tradition of spiritual and medicinal South American wisdom. The geographical isolation of this zone, has maintained this tradition virtually untouched from ancient times to present day, which has not happened with other spiritual and religious traditions, which have been influenced by culture or prevailing paradigms. 


What is it?

           Ayahuasca is traditionally known in the jungle as “the purge”, as it cleans the stomach and intestines, the blood and body in general, often contaminated by a large amount of harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives in foods we eat, often without “realizing it”.

       It is a “warm” medicine, which makes it very helpful in illness associated with the cold such as rheumatic diseases and the common cold. 

        Ayahuasca also cleans and focuses the mind, the emotions, and feelings, a process known as “concentration”. 


        Visions of the past, future and self-paths will appear depending on the person, their preparation for the ceremony and their concentration. That is why people from all over the world, come to the jungle search of themselves, allowing for an intimate connection with the deepest depths of their being, and spiritual levels of higher conscious. 

      The distinction should be made, that there is a difference between intoxication of alcohol (where one can often lose will self control, sometimes creating “blackouts”), and the ceremonial process, which is completely conscious, where lessons are remembered and it only depends on oneself to bring them to practice in everyday life. 

      The affects are known as “la mareación”(dizziness), lasting approximately four hours, and pose no threat to health. People of different ages are able to participate, depending on the strength and state of their body. 


It is not recommended to consume during pregnancy or during the first six months of breastfeeding. Patients in advanced stages of disease should not consume Ayahuasca, but should be present in the ceremonies to receive energy and healing. Even though they do not consume the Ayahuasca, it is often reported that they have visions or access to non-ordinary levels of consciousness, only by being present. Nor is it recommended that people who suffer from hypertension consume high doses. The consumption of allopathic drugs should be discontinued a few days before the ceremony, to prevent bothersome side affects. 



It is taken in a ritual/ceremonial context, under the guidance, care, and spiritual protection of a master healer, it is not like a psychedelic trip.


In order to prepare the medicine, approximately a month of work is required. In order to begin the process, it is necessary to clear a path into the jungle where it can be found. Then it must be harvested and transported. 

Once it is obtained, it is then crushed up to cook for several days, to refine it. 


It is absolutely vital that it is prepared by someone who is cleaning their own body, dieting a natural medicine, which also involves eating food without salt, sugar, oil and seasonings. This way, all of the energy of the diet will also be in the medicine. 


The ceremony is a meeting between the healer and the patients, where the consumption is no more than 40cc of the concoction. The “mareación” (dizziness) experience is guided by icaros (ceremonial songs). In this process, each patient is blown with medicinal Mapacho (Amazonian) tobacco for his or her own spiritual protection and guidance. The ceremonies are held in a room specifically prepared for this purpose (Maloca), which is a space that is energetically protected. It begins around 8 in the evening and lasts until dawn. 

The ceremony is a good time to diagnose illnesses to begin treatment (vegetal diet or allopathic), and to heal and learn about oneself and their process.

the ceremony

   Before the ceremony it is necessary to prepare the body, with a diet that restricts the consumption of industrial sugar, salt, processed foods (canned, packaged foods), and fried foods, as they are associated with nausea and stomach problems during the ceremony. Additionally, one abstains from alcohol consumption and sex, as this diminishes the energy of the person when interacting with the medicine (can cause fatigue, laziness, physical discomfort). Also, it is very important to remember that red meat and pork can have very powerful negative side effects if consumed before the ceremony. 
While staying in Ojo de Luna, visitors are recommended to take at least three doses of Ayahuasca, over the course of one week to 15 days, depending on the person, their intention, duration of stay and treatment. 

prior preparation

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