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Vegetal medicine diet

        The biodiversity existing in the territories that cover the Amazon, has granted its inhabitants an immense and powerful living pharmacy, capable of taking charge a broad range of human sufferings: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

     The human groups that have settled in this area have developed ancient wisdoms and knoledge about the use of jungle medicinal plants and trees, the communion with their spirits, and the openness to spiritual and healing dimensions of existence, the so – called "hidden science of nature".

        This knowledge has been passed down from master to student for generations until today, where different ethnic groups of the Peruvian Amazon (Shipibos, Ashaninkas, Cocamas, Piros) and their mestizo descendants are the heirs of an ancient medicinal tradition (such as Ayurveda in India), based in the intimate and subtle relationships of trees and plants, their environment and the human body. 


         In this tradition, the wisdom and knowledge emerges from the experience that each healer acquires living in his own body, with each curative tree and plant, through the diet process. 

       This path of the hidden science of nature is an infinite one. The information generated and accumulated, and then passed on through generations is re-updated through the diet plants conducted by each healer, experimenting first with him/herself with each plant, to then heal his/her patients. Thus, the healer acquires the necessary knowledge and wisdom, to heal and handle other spiritual planes.

the knowledge

       The process of healing starts with self-healing. If one wants to continue on this path and heal others, it is necessary to know how the healing process works in the first place. This process usually starts at an early age, with the guardianship, protection and guidance of the older and more experienced healers.

        The healer is in charge of the protection, care and guidance of the dieter, and mediates between him/herself and his/her medicine, to connect his spiritual wisdom that he/she has learned to the dieter. The healer will determine the proper treatment, prepare it and administer the medicine. 

        The human being, in Amazonian medicine, is understood as an integrated whole with the environment, which refers to how the mind, body and spirit are interrelated with themselves and with the universe. From this perspective, the illness is seen as an imbalance in this delicate harmony. 

the process

     From the moment that a person has contact with a medicinal plant or tree, with its chemistry, vibration and particular spirituality, a state of profound physical detox begins: cutaneous, gastrointestinal and spiritual. This is a process known as a vegetal diet, which is slow and deep, as most natural processes are. 

     In the case of the patients, the healer will develop a diagnosis where he/she will select an adequate tree or plant for each situation. The healer will inform the patient and their family if the healing is possible, or whether or not the diet will help or prepare the person to being their journey into other planes of existence. 

    The vegetal diet is a profound process of growth and spiritual transformation. It is also, a process of healing through learning, so the dieter doesn’t only achieve physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing but also gains knowledge and wisdom, of how to re-establish and maintain one’s health and balance. 

learning process

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