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Santa Maria Lake

The Concentration and Healing Center Ojo de Luna is named after the gorgeous views of the full moon that can be seen on the banks of the Santa Maria Lake, where our center is located. This lake is closely located to the town of Santa Rosa de Masisea and its superficial area is about 1.5 km, with a beautiful outcropping and warm water that hosts a wealth of wildlife; fish, reptiles, mammals and birds. It is also surrounded by lush jungle, where many animal species live. It is also possible to find a variety of medicinal plants in its natural state; herbs, shrubs, vines and ancient trees. 

Santa Maria Lake is a communal heritage of the town of Santa Rosa de Masisea, a community of mestizo campesinos who are engaged largely in agriculture and fishing as a means of living. The community appreciates and protects this lake because it represents an indispensable value of food and clean water. In fact, commercial exploitation is prohibited and the community is only permitted access for their own livelihoods. 

The location of the center Ojo de Luna on the banks of this lake, was not only decided upon due to its beautiful landscapes, but also by the enormous spiritual energy that the lake possesses. According to the local town’s history, in ancient times, this lake was considered to be a place where healers came to diet plants. This gives our center a privileged energetic condition and a great spiritual protection. According to popular belief, an enormous boa, a yagcumama, and all types of beings such as mermaids and yacurunas guard the lake. Ojo de Luna guests are able to enjoy this gorgeous lake by boat, appreciating its flora, beautiful birds on the banks and are able to fish to enjoy the different species of fish.

This beautiful corner of the earth holds pristine quality, beauty and natural wealth that is important in preserving and respecting the space, so in Ojo de Luna we seek to live in a sustainable and ecological manner and we ask that all our visitors and patients do the same. 

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