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Master Plants and Trees

When the culture of traditional medicine of the Peruvian jungle talks about “master plants and trees”, it refers to the ability to obtain healing, wisdom and knowledge of the medicine directly from the plants, in an intimate relationship of communication that occurs in the process of the diets, especially during the dream state. Traditional healers of the jungle have not studied this work in books, nor have they obtained their knowledge only by oral tradition (ie; the teachings of another healer). It is the healer who directly, from their diets, learns from the spirits of the trees and plants, their medicine and their wisdom, guided by older and more experienced healers. In other words, when consuming a plant, we don’t only receive their bio-chemical elements, but we also connect with their vibrational and harmonic field, perceived as images, messages, melodies, and songs (icaros). 

Icaros have traditionally been the songs that each plant “teaches” to the shaman while they are on their diet. With this same song, the shaman supports the dieter in their process, to come into contact with the spirituality of the plant that one diets, and with the Icaros, the shaman also guides those who are under his protection in a ceremony of ayahuasca. 

Upon contact with the plant, the dieter comes into contact with the memory cell of the plant, while the plant comes into contact with the memory cell of the dieter. In this process, not only the functioning of the body heals, but also profound knowledge of nature is acquired. This experience is not exclusive to the healers but it is also possible for any dieter, apprentice or patient in search of healing, and because of that, Ojo de Luna, like other medicinal centers of the jungle, are called concentration centers, as they are designed to provide the necessary isolation, tranquility, and contact with nature and concentration needed to live these processes of learning, healing, and inner growth.

Due to all of these reasons, Ojo de Luna doesn’t only open its doors to receive patients who are looking to cure different physical or spiritual pains, but also to people who want to learn more deeply about natural medicine and shamanism, and to those who research different disciplines such as philosophy, religion, botany, physics, academic medicine, psychology, art, music, etc. 

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