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It is a cabin located in the sector near the maloka, the dining room / living room and the other houses in the center, so there is the possibility of having a daily interaction with the other attendees. It has mosquito nets in windows and roof so that insects do not enter. Has a bed with mosquito net, a table and its bench. The dry bathroom and shower are outside.


For those who want more tranquility as well as a deeper work, they can use the tambo. It is a simple room with dirt floor, a platform with a bed and mosquito net, a hammock and a table, located in the middle of the forest away from the other facilities of the center. It has mosquito nets on windows and roof so that insects do not enter inside and also has a shower and bathroom on the outside. Given its natural conditions of isolation and direct contact with the flora and fauna, promotes a deeper diet and healing work, as well as more intense and revealing dreams. The visitors will be able to participate in the ceremonies in the maloka and return to the tambo concluded this.


The maloka is where we perform medicine ceremonies, purge works as well as other activities. Its shape is round following the traditional design of these structures, which allows the energies to remain within this space and also protect it from the energies that can disturb the work. The space has mattresses and buckets to relieve, as well as ashtrays and a container where to throw the garbage.

Common Hall / Dinning room


It is a building equipped with the kitchen and dining room facilities for exclusive use for diet patients, as well as a living room with hammocks and ashtrays. It has mosquito nets on windows and roof so that the insects do not enter. Here you can take hot water for infusions, share with other participants or simply work on your relaxed concentration in a hammock.

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