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The dieting process

      The vegetal diet is an intense, healing, delicate and enriching process, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is possible to not only heal and strengthen, but also to obtain knowledge and wisdom. 

      During the vegetal diet, one drinks a prescribed medicine, which can be a tree or a plant, which detoxifies the body. With this objective, we restrain the consumption of salt, sugars, seasonings, fats, red meat and pork, as well as fruits, vegetables, alcohol, and conscious altering substances. We only consume rice, quinoa, cassava, potato, plantain, herbivorous fish, and free-range chicken and eggs. Nor do we use cosmetics, toothpaste, soap or shampoo that is not completely natural. All of our grooming is done with different herbal baths and our clothes are only washed with water. Additionally, we maintain sexual abstinence. This period of the diet is known as the salt diet, where the dieters must live in isolation, since the body may become increasingly more receptive and vulnerable to external energies. Due to this, concentration and tranquility are fundamental for the dieter so they are able to focus their energy and attention in the healing and learning process, especially in the hours previous to and post dream state. Dream activity is the most important moment of the day where one obtains a connection with the spirit of the medicinal plants and trees that one is dieting. 

What is the Medicinal Vegetal Diet?

      That is why Ojo de Luna is located far from city centers and is surrounded by lush vegetation, on the banks of Santa Maria Lake. Given the sensitive processes that take place, it is necessary that the guests are guided by people who possess the necessary knowledge and wisdom (the healer or one of his/her apprentices).  Additionally, it is required that whoever works with the dieter, cares for them, guides them, prepares the medicines and nourishes them is also dieting themselves. This way, the dieter will be in contact with people, food and medicine that pose no risk for their health given the sensitivity of the cleansing and purification process.

     The total process lasts for 32 days. The first part includes the ingestion of the plant medicine and the “salt diet”. Concluding this initial phase, the person can return to eat fruits and vegetables, while still abstaining from alcohol, fats, red meats and pork, industrial products (canned goods, candy), sex and substances that alter consciousness until one completes the 32 days.

the process

     Ojo de Luna is open to all those who seek healing, those who look to become apprentices of plant medicine, and researchers of different disciplines (anthropologists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, etc.) that are interested in learning the occult science of nature. This knowledge is not only useful for patients, researchers and apprentices, but also for anyone who wants to contact transcendent dimensions of existence, and powerful results, and through the process will face life through a new perspective, giving serenity, love, concentration, will and control, which translates into wellbeing in all areas of existence, which is further transmitted to our relationships: family, friends, clients, and colleagues. 

Who Can Participate?

     If the diet process is completed in optimal conditions of care, detoxification, concentration and spiritual guidance, the dieter can recuperate their health of grave illness such as diabetes o cancer, gain control and will in their psychological and emotional processes such as depression, drug addiction, impulsivity, eating disorders, panic, among others, and can experience a deep spiritual growth. 
Moreover, the spirit of the medicine in which one diets, will always remain in one’s body as a spiritual and physical protection. 


     This phenomenon is known as “crossing the diet”, and it happens when one receives food or energy that contaminates the body (related with people who are not dieting, in their drunken state, that are yelling, fighting or disturbing the peace and concentration), as well as breaking sexual abstinence. 

    If this happens, the medicine can “cutipar”. In the jungle, the term “cutipar” refers to all kinds of adverse reactions that occur in the body when one abruptly breaks the detoxification process during the 32-day period. The reactions can range from minor discomfort such as dizziness, headaches, negative mood swings, fatigue, vomiting, intestinal issues or allergic reactions to severe such as health issues that can possibly become irreversible. 

      This will depend on the time one diets, the severity of the disease to be treated and the type of medicine that one consumes. Whatever the case, it will be necessary to be close the healer to be able to heal and “straighten the diet”, reestablishing the health of the dieter. 

What Happens When We Don’t Respect The Diet?


     Each visitor of Ojo de Luna that decides they want to do a medicinal vegetal diet should communicate their intentions. If the visitor is looking to heal an illness, to work with some spiritual anxiety, or to learn medicine and wisdom of the plants, then the visitor will receive a recommendation of the specific medication they should take (refer to list of our highlighted medicines that we have in our center) and how long they will diet for. It is important to note that the diet is a process of mutual responsibilities; the healer will prepare the medicine and dosage of medicine to each patient; the healer will provide a nutritional plan and indicate the precautions that must be taken to not “cross” (break) one’s diet. In addition, the healer will guide and protect the patient spiritually during their treatment. 

      The center, Ojo de Luna guarantees the dieter tranquility, protection and guidance, as well as medicines and special nutrition that the diet requires. The dieter must assume responsibility of following the diet, of not using cosmetic products and by maintaining sexual abstinence.  

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